Monday, November 10, 2014

and more books in the garden...


how hectic was that!

I've just waved off the last of the local garden club members (my mumsicle)

who arrived just as the coach-load of U3A members were leaving

and now I need a golly good lie down!

but first here are a few pics from around the garden....

 dontcha just love the form and colour of this protea?

mmmmmm foxglove 

(pink iceberg rose -- note the aphids eek!)

the chimney garden
(oh ok - its a bay tree flanked by two pots of agave ....
and a few pineapple sage chopped down in the background
 but look at my lovely old rust brick chimneys)

the raised beds vege garden -
not quite into the swing of spring production just yet...

 black bamboo
(because I like to live dangerously)

orange topped sticks 
(just because I can...)

phil's potato bed... waiting to be planted with seed potatoes
(because phil likes potatoes and he also likes growing and hoeing potatoes)

yes yes yes - but I promised you BOOKS in the garden didn't I...

wellllllll will 3 colourful book gabions satisfy? 

here's a blue book gabion

and a red book gabion

 and a blue and a red and a blue book gabion

I have been desperate to make a book gabion
for years and years and years
and I am thrilled with the results

YAY for book gabions!

and lastly...

book rock book
on rock

and now for my large cup of tea and a good lie down

(with a nice book)


Sunday, November 9, 2014

books in the garden....

In the post this week
was my bit of paper from Monash Uni
(that Master of Fine Arts is now officially in my hands)

I celebrated by pulling out my book towers
and placed them permanently in the garden....

when you walk into our place now
there - off in the distance
is a tower of sorts...

  (my dear old bimmy-boy is unmoved by towers in the distance
- he is an old hound and he cares little for the whims of arteeeests...
wise hound)

there is it - one half of
pulvis et umbra sumus - 'we are dust and shadows'

perched on a pear stump

the second tower of the work is tucked over in the shadows of the front garden...

 (and you can spy it in all its charcoaled glory from the other side of the garden bed too..)
view from the front verandah

(if you click to embiggen you might be able to spy the two towers....
as well as four of the six hounds)


tomorrow the local garden group is coming for a visit

so we have all been busy making everything neat and tidy

and I have been creating a few other surprises for the guys and gals too

here's a wee insect hotel I created for the local mini beasts...

(the wasps loved the look of the work so much -
they were already checking it out while I was still constructing it!)

oooo goodness - is that the time?
I have so much still to do!

(I have a separate local interest group
coming to visit my studio tomorrow too

I'll show you some of my other garden projects in the next little bit

right now the paths need to be swept,
and the wheelbarrow needs to be moved,
there's a ladder to put away,
and the vegies need to be watered
and... and... and...

oh no! the chooks haven't been fed yet!


Friday, October 24, 2014


 I've been creating a small something for

when I thought about what offered me solace

one word came to mind


so I started with something of familial significance:
the patched and very worn linen shirt
that belonged to my dear Nana T
(which I've been wearing for the past couple of decades but I finally
have to admit its so old and frayed now that its beyond my simple repairs)

I particularly love the frayed elbows

and I like to think about how both my nan and my elbows
have been pushing through the fabric over time...

I've reconfigured the sleeves by hand stitching


and I've roughly stitched a line from emily dickinson

on the newly made flag

(and the hole is honoured - as frayed holes should be)

I dipped the small flag in a pot of tea

(as tea was the beverage of choice from my Nana and Pop T)

and hung the small pennant of peace and solace out to dry

(before bundling it into an envelope bound for south australia)


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Sunday, September 28, 2014

getting creative with permaculture...

I've completed a small PDF booklet 

that's an introduction to a far more extensive project

 Getting Creative with Permaculture
is a distillation of things from my essay/ blog posting/ etc.

Permaculture in the Practice

and my presentation at the recent
 South East Permaculture Convergence

My mini booklet/presentation
is primarily aimed at folk who have completed a
PDC (Permaculture Design Certificate)

There are some terms and concepts that permaculture people
will recognise and understand implicitly
so I haven't elaborated on them,
but I think even those not overly familiar with
the permutations of permaculture
will be able to follow along easily
(oh and you can always have a read of that essay to flesh things out eh)

I'd love to hear your feedback
particularly any brave souls who would like to participate
in the next stage of the project

an idea shared is an idea expanded

(or at least I hope so)

**ps - if you click on the linked title you'll be magically transported to the google drive version of the booklet


Friday, September 12, 2014

pruning and random rough weaving...

I'm late
 the season has turned
winter is giving way to spring blossoms

but still I haven't finished pruning my orchard!

I am working furiously to get all the trees lopped before everything is in blossom and leaf

 all the pruned bits piling up are giving me ideas...

(hmmmm I wonder how hard it is to weave rough hurdles 
with apple/plum/quince/peach prunings?)

I've found it's quite easy (and fun) to form rough wreaths
from gathered clematis prunings... 

and the kiwi vines come together nicely to form a rough bower...

although rather unwieldy 
I enjoyed creating a rough 'nest' from the pruned bits of grape vine

tiger was a great help with everything

(of course)

"if you build it - they will come"